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Well, actually, greenimp, I believe that in the original novel for Dracula, Dracula is able to be in the sunlight, even though it doesn't really happen too often.

To be honest, I wish you'd mentioned "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" (an abomination that include the worst thing to hit "comedy"--Dane Cook) or "Everybody Wants to be Italian", an indie film that has absolutely nothing to do with its title, has generally unlikable characters, and tries in vein to be what "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was...scratch that, I don't even think that the makers of that movie even put any effort into that film. They probably just got the actors and put them in what I think was supposed to be a cross between Baltimore and New York, and said "Okay, so you're two people who think the other is Italian!! Isn't that so funny?? And get this---we're only gonna mention or even do anything related to that plot point only twice in the entire movie!!!! IT'S BRILLIANCE EVEN YZMA COULDN'T EVEN THINK OF!!! And get this---you all play idiotic characters who don't even know what you're since you agreed to be in this movie, that shouldn't be too hard for you!!" BURN!!!

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