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Not a bad list, but Ivan Drago definitly should've been there. Me, I prefer lists of real assholes. Here goes (in no particular order)...

Tom Cruise - just for being himself (a very crazy, very gay man who somehow married Katie Holmes). Oh, and also for reproducing. That poor child.

Mel Gibson - for every movie he's been involved in except Leathal Weapon 1 & 2

George Lucas - for obvious reasons, but especially Jar-Jar Binks

P. Diddy (or whatever he calls himself) - Jesus Christ, pick a fucking name! Oh, and his music sucks.

Bush Jr., Cheney, and their entire cabinet - again, obvious reasons

Russel Crowe - for being an arrogant prick in every movie he's ever been in

Frank Miller - for ruining All-Star Batman and Robin

Joe Quesada - for ruining Spiderman

Hell with it, EVERYONE at Marvel and D.C. - for just plain making me hate comics

Heath Ledger - no, just kidding, I'm just pissed that he's dead

Okay, end of rant. And I really was kidding about the Heath Ledger thing.
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