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THANK YOU for mentioning 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days. It was an excellent film but no one I know's seen it. I was gonna give Burn After Reading a go too so I'll definitely try and get round to it now.
I have to disagree on that...
"432" - by it's shorter title variant - it's like being compromised to having sex with a trans gender close-obnoxious-relative. I am a romanian, and a nationalist to top it. But this was an absolute awful piece of film about the coercitive and alienating sub-enterprises requiered to side chain excessively punitive laws in a - dare you guess! - redblotted regime ( + some emotional pickles everyone seems to be fond of). But all of this ended more or less with the '89 revolution. And since then there have been numerous exploitations of this intrigue, or more appropriate: 'franchise'. This movie was just oriented towards production value - that's where all the credit goes... but in reality it's an insult to everyone, to me, and to (most) of my friends.
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