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bigtimecow is probably pretty okbigtimecow is probably pretty okbigtimecow is probably pretty ok
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i made out with a black chick before and her tongue was like sandpaper. not sure if this is a common characteristic

98% of the time i don't find asians attractive, for the same reasons previously stated (TOO FUCKING THIN / NO FEATURES). as some of you may know i like my woman with meat

i find some black girls attractive though, they just have to be thick thick thick -- big ass, big thighs, tits i guess (not crazy about them), and short hair. or actually a bald chick with the previous features would be fantastic (minus no hair pulling )

otherwise i stick to white girls, dirty blonde or darker hair, have to be thick, and as for accents i'm not exactly sure if there's anything i dislike. i'd like to get with an english / australian / new zealand chick though
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Bigtimecow you are like the Fonz of girls pussies.

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