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Just another fun fact.... The nes classic Kid Icarus steals so much from this film that it isn't even funny. The most notable ones are the fact that on the last level Pit is also given three gifts, only they make it more blatent by making the shield a mirror shield. And then you go on to fight... you guessed it, a giant medusa head!

Of course the film steals a lot from greek mythology as well, so who knows which was the inspiration for the game.

And yeah... the greek gods had robots. But hell the greeks themselves had robots!

Like our own culture, they had various mechanial toys in human form and although they weren't life-like in the least, much like our own culture, when it came time to write fiction, they imagined more complicated devices that were essentially living mechanial men.

People ignore the fact that the ancient world rivaled our own on a lot of levels. Take away electricity and the internal combustion engine and we are basically still where they were way back then!
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