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Originally Posted by OxBlood View Post
The only thing that really bugs me is that feeling of "thereīs fifty thousand more quests for you to dooooo" looming in my mind...okay itīs just 136 or something, still. A lot to do. Then again, the first playthrough is just there to test the waters...
This is sort of my issue too. I kind of want to blow through this first play through because I want to side with other people and try different things. I think Im going to do a few a few more side quests then finish it up siding with Mr. House this time. Next play through I think Im going Joe raider billy bad ass and siding with Caesar on hardcore and try to do everything. I also kind of want to do another run through with a non combat character. Just jack up all my speech and barter and charisma and try and rely on companions for bodyguards. That dude Boone should be more than enough.
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Exactly. Life's too short to not be ejaculating as often as possible
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