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Narrator: Mr. Lunt sits on the curb of a decrepit street. He carefully loads his handgun and carefully cocks the trigger. Then he carefully contemplates ending the life of another man. A few friends try to talk him out of it, with a silly song!



Bob the Tomato: Never steal, and never lie

Junior Asparagus: and never ever voluntarily die

Larry the Cucumber: Unless of course it's for the big guy *wink

Bob the Tomato: But above all else

All: Thou Shall NA-aught Kill (pronounced keel)

Mr. Lunt: Hmph, does that rule apply to sinners as well?
For the man that I seek has killed nearly twelve

My mother and brother, my sister and friends
my poor gentle heart, it aches with no end.


Bob the Tomato: Vengeance is good, vengeance is great!
But best left to your local magistrate

Afterall, he was elected by popular rule
So you can trust he's not a fool


Bob the Tomato: oh...

Mr. Lunt: In this town, justice is a joke. The rich are forgiven,
the poor? Placed in yoke.

If I don't kill him then there is simply no way,
That this criminal will pay


Larry the Cucumber: that's awfully bad, that's awfully rough
but to kill is a sin so I guess that's tough

Bob the Tomato: You'll have to forgive
Larry the Cucumber: or forget
Junior Asparagus: or just deal
All: For thou shall NA-aught kill (pronounced keel)

Mr Lunt: N-no?

All: NO! thou shall NA-aught kill (pronounced keel)


Narrator: Mr. Lunt, thoroughly chastised, abandons his hate fueled quest and gets a job working at the local Dairy Kiwi. Way to go guys!
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