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Anyone else see this? I assume not since it has been doing so bad.

I wasnt all that excited to see it since i havent been a huge snl fan lately. The sketches always seem to drag on way too long even if they have a good premise(which they dont always). I found it ironic that i didnt really feel this way about a full length sketch movie.

It was actually pretty funny! Sure there are some hit and miss jokes, but overall i enjoyed it quite a bit.

I am a bit disappointed to see just how poor it is doing in the box office. I really think Kristen Wiig and Will Forte are hilarious(Brothers Solomon was actually really funny too) and it is sad to see their movies bomb so bad. After all the advertising and modest 10m budgest I figured it would do way better than it did.

oh well, i suspect it might become a cult hit later, or maybe i will see it again and hate myself for one time liking it(i dont know)!

Someone else watch it and confirm this!
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