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Originally Posted by whoreable View Post
I wasnt all that excited to see it since i havent been a huge snl fan lately. The sketches always seem to drag on way too long even if they have a good premise(which they dont always). I found it ironic that i didnt really feel this way about a full length sketch movie.
It is interesting you mentioned this.

I was listening to Never Not Funny and Conan O'Brien was the guest. Jimmy Pardo was talking about comedic influences and asked Conan what he thought of SNL. Conan pretty much said the same thing; that the sketches run too long. Though he thought the reason for this had to do with limited space for sets, so each sketch had to run long because there is only so much space for all the sets and therefore each sketch had to be a specific length to fill in the time they needed to fill in. He felt it really hurt the ability of the show to be a good sketch show.
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