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Nice article. That hearing your name being called part freaked me out because on saturday night (after the Krazyhouse club) we all went back to an abandoned hospice (our mate is the night manager of the building and we needed a place to stay since it was raining cold and the trains don't start til like 8am!) and shit was it creepy! Some rooms still had beds in others were empty, we did some exploring/genereal running around and i swear i heard Kysha call "Lisa..." but she was like "wtf? no i didn't". I think all ghosts have seen horror movies because they're pretty damn cliche. So we all camped in one room (right opposite a scary one you just felt as soon as you walked in) and predictably someone refused to sleep with the lights off so we left the hallway light on with our door open and who was on a mattress opposite the door? You guessed it. I swear stuff was walking past the door and hearing chairs creak in other rooms... moral is if you're ever in Chillinwall (sp??) in Liverpool don't stay at that hospice! was right next door to a church and creamatorium too.
oh wtf we're all going back and having a seance whenever we're all out again, if i take pics i'll post them in a forum
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