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Originally Posted by Dimnos View Post
No. I really want to know how much they are going to take out of my check every week. Seams like a legitimate question.

Does your paycheck specify how much municipal tax goes towards roads that are walked on by bums and junkies who don't pay taxes?

Or how much of your taxes go towards free primary and secondary education for people who have children when you probably don't?

Does it specify how much was spent on police that were sent to protect an individual getting beat up who may have been a bum or junkie?

I don't understand how you can pick one government service, that should be available, (and is available, in every developed country except for yours), and ask for specifics, when you probably don't care about the ones that already are.

I mean, seriously, a bum, walking on the same roads that a taxpaying citizen uses. The nerve.

Furthermore, do any of you have any health care stories to share? Being fucked over by the system? Etc?
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