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Originally Posted by Command Prompt
Does your paycheck specify how much municipal tax goes towards roads that are walked on by bums and junkies who don't pay taxes?

Or how much of your taxes go towards free primary and secondary education for people who have children when you probably don't?

Does it specify how much was spent on police that were sent to protect an individual getting beat up who may have been a bum or junkie?
The difference between a roads education and the police is that all those services I actually use. I drive on those roads too. When I was a kid I attended school. Now that I have kids of my own they go to school. And the police are there for everyone (for better or worse, thats a different matter all together). I never said universal health care was a bad thing. All I want to know is how much of my money the government is going to be taking out of my pocket. Or in other words... What is the bottom line? Is that really such a jerk thing to ask?

Originally Posted by Command Prompt
I don't understand how you can pick one government service, that should be available, (and is available, in every developed country except for yours), and ask for specifics, when you probably don't care about the ones that already are.
Actually I do care about the ones we already have but again thats a different matter all together. Im only talking about universal health care because that is the topic at hand. In a thread that you started if Im correct. So if anyone singled it out its you.
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