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hahaha awesome. for some reason that reminded me of our recently deceased dolomedes tenebrosus. i look forward to warm weather to catch another because i like them.

re: feedin' babies,
pinhead crickets are the best, but nobody nearby sells them! sometimes we can get a jar of flightless fruit flies, but most of these babies are outgrowing them. we bought some "extra small" crickets last weekend at a reptile expo. the crickets are often bigger than the spiders, but the spiders seem to have no problem biting them.

if we can't get a hold of anything small enough, cutting mealworms into small segments does the trick, too. adult lycosids don't scavenge as far as i know, but the babies aren't above it!

which reminds me of one of the cutest things that sadly i didn't get a picture of.

when the aspersa had her babies hanging out on her we fed her a mealworm. a little bit later, we looked at her and the mealworm in her mouth was covered in babies. cuuuuuuuuuuuuute.
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