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I have been doing homebrew nes & hacks for years but i-mock & bad hacks ONLY post the worst games. THIS IS A JOKE LMAO! I sent this to i-mockery saying check it out but dont post,it was just suposed to be a joke for them & not to be posted . to check out the non imockery version & my music ,homebrews & other hacks got to nintendoa & then home brews.
there to ashamed to post the one i send i-mockery gets butt fucked.
look for shit pickle ,AVGN & more

this virsion has the OLD skool version of the cartoons the other version stuck with the cereal theme the imockery & other sites are always saying how 80s cereal made them shit or puke the not putting wilford in & putting the imockery was to to confuse the player as was the changing of wepons ,ect its mr t & done as bad as i could ,lol kenny is in this version to confuse. having sex with cereal & some other stuff was left out on this version. rocky & bowinkle was a cereal as was cat in the hat,winnie the poo,spiderman , shuger bear,ghost busters,pac man, the whip is chocula's cereal "real ghost & bats in every bowl ,the stoner with a spoon was the boss becouse there were jokes how people get stoned & watch cartoons. the pimp & cane he has was a refrence to the pimp jokes on the net. the text was going to 100% random & not make since & the icons were going to change every stage ..but this made it to hard to play threw the hole game. oh & bill & ted morph on this too becouse they had a cereal. i like the many ways to die but thats all i like about this version as aposed to the other one. there was also going to be count chaculas cursed part 2 game but i have yet to do anything with it.

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