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Actualy, if someone comes to me and says: "Oh powerful slangidude, I just watched -insertcomicbookmoviedujour- and now I wondered whath unknown treasures thou hast upon thy aisle of infinethe comickwisdom that shalt please mine eye in an adult and refreshing way?"
I usually reply: "Check Stormwatch/Authority by Ellis/Milar, they´re aweseome!"
Then I show them that tights can be funny and adult, then I hook them up with Preacher, by Ennis, to show that comics are more than tights, than I show them Transmetropolitan by Ellis, cause dudes who write tights can write comics without as easily, then I show them the Punisher by Ennis, cause dudes who can write comics without can stay true to their style with tights and then I take´em to a comicshop and show´em either Y: The Last Man, Animal Man, The Invisibles, Doom Patrol or something else they should collect and lend me, because I simply can´t own/afford everything I want to read and because they owe me for bringing´em in to the world of Graphic Novels!
Trust me children, it works!
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