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Old Oct 16th, 2010, 12:42 AM        a very special boardgame from my youth.
A while back i was in speech therapy for a nasty stutter that thankfully is gone now and left me be. During my time there i got to experience a number of games i NEVER would have gotten to try at home.

One of them, from what i recall, you moved your pieces around a series of bridges in order to reach an idol which i may have imagined was both cursed and golden. you lost if the brindge was destroyed and your character fell into a drwing of molten lava. It was quite fun, and i always wanted to play it.

My enthusiasm for it was dampened however, by the discovery of a then brand new board game: The Omega Virus. I Played it with my speech therapist and it was like a big bag of crack. from the computer's voice to the concept of an alien virus running loose in a space station, i don't think we ever won, the virus having gotten us every time.

Am i the only one to remember this game? Am i the only one that thinks it's totally awesome even as just a concept?

i gave up on board games in my teens but these two always stuck with me. Now if i can only remember that one game's name...
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