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Originally Posted by yabuturtle View Post
I notice that with everything that has happened, doesn't anyone see this is really not a pandemic?
no one valuable, anyway

I mean the fact that a lot of this stuff is coming from the MEDIA is a big red flag, considering they've lied about everything else, why the hell would they start telling you the truth now.
agreed that modern news is dogshit, but where else would the information come from?

I have friends and family all over the world and nobody I know has this virus. They don't know anyone that has it either.

i see your valueless anecdotal evidence and raise it with my own, where a guy's wife on my street died from it and i know at least 3 people who have lost loved ones because of it. the dangerousness of it is likely less when you live in bumfuck missouri with a population of 2,113.

I don't think it's nearly as dangerous as they make it out to be.
do you have the credibility to get dressed without parental guidance, let alone analyze a virus?

Do people know that they will still count something as a covid 19 death, even if the person dies from something else but happens to test positive.
do you know this?
i've only seen people claim it with no proof that it's a common practice.

There were even videos of people being diagnosed with the friggin virus and weren't even properly tested for it.
this is because our tests aren't good, which is also a more likely cause than a hilarious april fools prank on the world gone awry

There's also not too many hospitals being jam packed with people. Check out your hospitals. I travel in my job and almost all the hospitals I see, especially the ones they recorded in the news, are kind of empty.
that's nice, but again it's anecdotal and you live in the middle of nowhere. yes, great, you travel, because of course you do, because you live in the middle of nowhere. please show your hospital capacity counts from your road log, and we can do some actual analysis instead of just passing a Patient First on the way to dairy queen and going HMMMMM SEEMS AWFULLY QUIET

And when you record it and put it on youtube, vimeo, dailymotion ect. It gets taken down within a day. Put it on other forums like deviant art,, or others and they end up taking it down AND banning you rather quickly. And nobody finds this strange?
is it more likely that they ban you to uphold a globally-colluded conspiracy, or because stupidity is contagious

Especially with wearing the masks which don't do anything anyway except give you brain damage over time by repeatedly breathing in your own co2, which is very bad for you.
this is the part i hear the most frequently that has me baffled. why do you believe that putting porous materials in front of your face is harmful in any way? plenty of people do it daily for their jobs and have conclusively demonstrated that O NO MUH CO2 isn't a factor. did you know the air in your house goes through a filter too? my fucking god

this isn't like the time you almost died when you got lost in a Food Lion bag. it's a piece of fucking cloth. some are better than others. it does work; asians have been doing it forever since they pack into their cities like clown cars for some reason and understand how not to spread the plague.

even if it didn't work, why wouldn't you just do it out of etiquette? you know, the same reason you begrudgingly put on pants? oh right, it chokes the life out of you because you're an asthmatic spastic who can't be trusted to avoid swallowing your own tongue and routinely cheats death when you accidentally turn over in your sleep.

but it makes it hard to breathe and focus
on this part, i'm willing to believe that you have difficulty breathing and focusing on something at the same time

They are trying to cripple the economy. Ultra elite wouldn't do that if it wasn't to their advantage.
the world economy? why? if you cripple the entire world, don't we all end up at the same place? don't the elites run all the major corporations, which are all hit the hardest by this since they're incredibly complicated businesses engineered for specific cycles of supply and demand that can be disrupted by even a week of sales depression?

News also doesn't tell you they had been euthanizing farm animals and closing processing plants, therefore making meat more scare and more expensive.
please no make my meat more scare

I feel hardly anyone is taking this seriously
i agree

and it needs to be looked at more closely
by who, you? if i were you, frankly, i'd stick metal into sockets until i had a moment of clarity and realized i'm better off trusting literally anyone but myself

Censorship of it should give people an idea of what is happening and when the government says they are doing it for your safety, you know they are lying.
true, like when the WHO initially told people to not wear masks, because they were trying to hoard them for the medical professionals who they knew would need them because it's not a joke.

you are woefully unequipped to analyze a sentence, let alone government skullduggery and virology. i'm probably even voting on "your team" this november, and i'm frankly embarrassed to even share an election with you.
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