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No Prot, this is not the best album ever recorded however it is a Goddamned good album. The Clash is so popular even today and.. what? Wait.. sorry that was the White Stripes parroting their style. Jack white wants to be English and a member of the Clash so bad he's probably somewhere looking in a mirror going "You toytally a loymie!". What made this album and The Clash so fucking good was the fact that they were able to make punk rock, but the singer could actually sing as opposed to just string together obscenities like Johnny Rotton.

I really feel bad for anyone that's never heard this album, namely because they've bad taste in music but also because fuck, it's the Clash man. This album is so goddamned classic that every "new" rock band out there is parroting that style of snide, undertoned British rock only none of them are snide and none of them are British no matter how much those fucking idiots from the Strokes pray for it. All the poseurs with the poofed out bangs and stand up basses owe to this album and it's so worth it. Though I suppose you're expecting some kind of typical forum post from me so uh..


Or something equally retarded as heard on X-Box live.
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