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The target market is gyms/schools/arcades so there is no home version in the works atm. This is mostly because I think costs will be high enough that it prohibits home purchases but I might prove myself wrong because it's actually been pretty cheap to develop thus far. Right now my idea is to have a 1-5 minute 'warmup' period where you pedal around on your own while the game puts you in a queue for the next multiplayer match. The game would then fill out empty racers with bots.

The target demographic would be gym-goers so not really the same as gamers. I'm thinking age 20-40 men and women. The game is going to dynamically adjust the difficulty based on how "fit" it judges the player to be (though heart rate, weight, and pedal speed). The goal here is to make it as accessible as possible without making it non-interactive.
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