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Originally Posted by monster_movie_night View Post
Ah wait what was the story about in this movie? I can't seem to remember much about the movie only the dog coming back to life and a adult knocked out a ruthless kid I think it was the dad that have a son that was being bullied by them but the dad is a madman himself.

john connor's actress mother dies, he moves in with gilbert from revenge of the nerds, befriends the doughboy whose stepfather the kurgan kills pop'n fresh's dog, who then tells john about the micmac (sp?) grounds where he buries the dog, it come back and kills mr. krabs who in return is buried up there and comes back
mr. kurgan kills ron thompson, then kills pillsbury and his mother, digs up connor's mother and has him bury her up there, nancy anne ciclancy then buries two-face up there, more people as well as some bunnies and the dog die
gilbert kills lex luthor, goes back home to find furry with his mother, two-face thompson gets his head blown up, she melts to re-death, the end

that about sums up the movie
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