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Originally Posted by poppers620 View Post
hey Rog you shold purchase one of those tic tac toe drinking games for Re, we all know what a boozer she is.
Hahaha, this coming from the LUSH who nearly passed out in our shower on Halloween and didn't even remember how she ended up on our couch? Don't make me post those pics of you drinking countless Halloween martinis from Target.

Originally Posted by Thanos View Post
Gameplay is comprised of a five-round tournament. The winner of a round makes the loser take one shot. After five rounds, the Tic-Tac-Toe Tournament is complete and the person having taken the most shots loses.

I'm sure extra rules could be added on to make gameplay more interesting. My girlfriend and I will get great use out of it, along with the Checkers Drinking Set we already have.
Only one shot? Screw that haha, make your opponent drink ALL the shots after one game. I guarantee you won't have to wait five full rounds to discover who the loser is. Cool stuff though, enjoy the gifts!
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