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In the second battle we face Bizarro Sephiroth, a monstrous form
of Sephiroth that symbolizes Sephiroths conversion with Jenova. Look very
carefully at this monster. In the torso area, we can clearly identify
Sephiroths face, but look on top of the monster above Sephiroth, at the
head, and you'll see Jenova, her two tentacles dangling in front of
Sephiroth. Watch the monsters movement when it attacks. Jenovas two
tentacles lift and begin dangling over Sephiroths head, like a puppeteer
controlling her favorite puppet.

In the third battle, the most difficult of the four battles, we
face Safer Sephiroth. This angelic form of Sephiroth is highlighted by
its monstrous wing where it's right arm should be. Note the colors of
this wing, blue, white, reddish brown, and black, exactly the same
colors that the three Jenova monsters spread through out the game
consist of. This battle is the one that gives us the true indication of
Jenovas afformentioned power of illusion, hence the ridiculously long
Super Nova summon spell which shows a comet tearing through planets
before detonating the sun, causing a super nova which eats up the rest
of the planets. Also, take note of the translation of the final lyric
in the aria sung during this piece.
"Come, come, o come,
Do not let me die
The winged one of the lower reaches"

In the fourth battle, Cloud fights Sephiroth face to face,
without the power of Jenova to contend with...and utterly slaughters
Sephiroth. Yet, Sephiroth seemed so strong during the game. How can he
be this weak? The answer is simple. Sephiroth seems weak because
Sephiroth is weak. He is merely a puppet of Jenova, hence the
revelation of the true villain of Final Fantasy VII.

Jamesman, buddy, that's what puppets do. They act out the will of a superior, controlling being. And you're thinking of the third battle, robo. The final one is when you're on a brown, rocky plain, and you use your final limit break against him.
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