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And here I was wondering if you'd live up to that stupid name by quoting directly.

Your criticism doesn't even make sense. The enemy that he defeated when he was new came back with a vengeance, and it was the thing that drove him back into the suit and gave him a way to essentially kill himself after a life of pain. That's not so much "redoing the villain storyline of the first, but making it worse" as going back to his roots to find a legitimate threat that caused him to actually want to live, abandon his self-destructive quest for revenge, and leave people with a legacy. It was established in the first movie that The League of Shadows is pretty dangerous and it only makes sense that someone trained like he was who went down the path that he rejected would be the one to bring him closest to death.

I don't know the timeline for Batman Begins up to the end of The Dark Knight, but I'm guessing that it's more than a year, and he had plenty of time to get all of those injuries and become disillusioned before the catalyst of TDK causes him to quit in order to get the city to become a better place. It's not living the rest of his life as a selfish ass; did you miss the part where they explicitly said that Gotham has never been safer, as a direct result of the Dent act, which only happened because of Batman going into hiding? You seem to be forgetting that part, along with the fact that this trilogy has always been significantly darker than other movies of its type, and after the woman that he loved got blown up, he'd become just a wee bit depressed.

That whole untrained Robin criticism is definitely understandable, but I think it signifies than the Batman legacy will live on more than a really explicit Robin is going to be the new Batman sort of thing. Obviously Robin can take care of himself, and Bruce had a ton of training, but I don't think we're supposed to conclude that he's going to pick up exactly where Bruce left off and do the exact same things. We can probably also assume that he'd be left some sort of tips, at the very least, and would try to get his own training if he were to go down that path. Even in the comics, none of the Robins are ever as good as Batman; No one is--that's why he's Batman.

Edit: Uh, just to clarify, that first thing is aimed at Duke.

That was very funny. Well done.
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