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Originally Posted by ThrashO View Post

But yes I was dissapointed by the story too, that was my biggest let down.

Also, David Jaffe said that there will be no DLC what so ever. Also the only guy who is a bitch to unlock is Warthog. Twisted Mode is fucking impossible.

Aside from those gripes, the multiplayer is fucking badass and very reminiscent of Black. Same control scheme from older games is too awesome. After 11 years without a real TM in the series I think they did a damn good job.

I am a hardcore fan of the series though so I understand if little gay bitches dont like it.
The story was the part I liked about all the past games. Getting those sweet endings made the game so much more worth playing. Take that away, and there is no point to it. Also the new Mr. Grimm sucked, Dollface was never that great, and the new Sweet Tooth is horrible.

Also Warthog is my favorite character in the entire series beside Mr. Grimm, and I'll never be able to unlock that bastard because of that stupid Twisted mode.
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