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Originally Posted by ThrashO View Post
Well I guess if you weren't that into to the actual gameplay then I can see how someone could not like this game.

That kind of goes for any game though.

I really do wish that there were individual characters to play the game as, hopefully if theres a sequel they will take this route. I really thought the main story mode was stupid and cheesy and predictable as shit.

Combat is incredible though. Currently beating the game on hard using ONLY Mr. Grimm like a bad ass. How does he suck? If you do his special right, which regenerates like every 20 seconds, you can kill almost everyone with one special and a Power missle.

There really is alot of strategy involved with the game. I thought it was going to be a huge departure from past games, but everything gameplay-wise has been brought back and improved immensely. I personally think, aside from the story, that this game is a perfect clash of Black's control and weapon system with the style and feel of TM2 all with a fresh coat of paint. I cannot stop slaying bitches online.
The character, not the gameplay with said character. The last Mr. Grimm in Black and Head-on were amazing compared to this Twilight Zone cliche.

The game plays fine, just like any other Twisted Metal. That being said I could just go play any other Twisted Metal and it'd probably be a more entertaining experience.
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