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Video games are definitely my favorite of all the medias. Any strange, obscure, or just somehow interesting game would be well liked by me. Even wierd board type games too. I have the systems:
  • Wii, DS, GBA, NES, PS2, Windows 7, Xbox 360
  • Dreamcast, Saturn, Genesis
Posters, T-shirts (2XL (+tall if possible)), and other things from some of my favorite series would be fun too. Things likes:
  • Sonic, Crash bandicoot, Megaman X, Final Fantasy IX and X, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, The Virtual Boy, Naruto, One Piece

Other than that, I do like comedy books, puzzle knickˇknacks, candy and foods, and anything fun out of its insanity or wackyness.

I Hope this helps!

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