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We're supposed to get snow later today. I remember one spring...late May or early the 90s, when we were driving in downtown Chicago and it was snowing then.

I don't know how illegal the picture thing is. The publisher of the book I worked on gave them the photos as promotions, most likely. The magazine credited the publisher for the pics, in teeny print at the bottom of the article, but didn't credit me anywhere. To the publisher's credit, she emailed me right away to let me know it had happened and that they were working on it with the magazine.

Contrast that with the last time this happened, when the author of that book gave a big magazine my high-res photos and no one told me. I knew nothing until I looked at his blog several months later and saw that I had a double full-page spread.

Either way, it costs me $100 a pop at the lawyer's to ask, so I'm better off riding it out.
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