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I remembered a couple lame heroes from my old set of Marvel cards (1992)
Doug Ramsey AKA Cypher (the card turned out to be from an x-men set I had) was an x-men character that had the ability to speak and write any language after only minutes of hearing it, on the card (because of course I had to dig them out) it talked of his death and after further "research" via Google I see they have brought him back from the dead. With that mutant power I think he rather enjoyed being dead.

While I looked through the Marvel set for nostalgic reasons I stumbled upon Slapstick a hero the card describes with the power of a Saturday morning cartoon character, who doesn't just fight crime he plays cruel tricks on it! He is pretty much a poor man's Mask. At least he came out before the Mask movie (I am holding his 1992 rookie card) but he was many years later then the Mask's first appearance making Slapstick a cheap knock-off.

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