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Name: Jeremy
Age: 26
job: receptionist/bass player
where you at: Wisconsin
Why did you start posting?: Boredom, I suppose.
How long have you been on the board?: A few days.
hobbies: Reading, playing bass, video games, drinking myself into a drunken stupor, making out with my girlfriend, Pokemon.
fav music/band: Bad Religion, Propagandhi, Dance Hall Crashers, Pig Destroyer, Mr. Bungle.
fav book: Not sure, probably anything by Andrew Vachss or Chuck Palahniuk.
fav movie: Fight Club, Orgazmo, UHF.
Who do you hate most on this board?: Nobody, really.
What is that smell?: The dog. I'm sure of it.
Dead nerds can't say no...

you type well for being drunk...
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