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So Lords of Waterdeep is actually not very complicated? That's interesting, that may make me want to buy it.

I got 4 new games, tried 3 of them so far (haven't had time to wedge in the Lord of the Rings deck builder game.

-Puzzle Strike: A 'deck builder' that uses chips and is based strongly off of puzzle fighter. I liked it, it is less daunting than the instructions make it seem and was pretty fun

-Thunderstone Advanced: If you took all the original Thunderstone games and compressed them down into an easy to swallow portion, then add a few fail safes to keep the randomizer mechanic from screwing the game up too much, you have this game Anyone who was starting in on Thunderstone should play this game, and jaded TS vets like myself will appreciate how they addressed the flaws. Added bonus, you can still use any expansion cards from previous games that you want in the advanced version.

-Carnival: This game operates on a dice roll and card mechanic. Pretty simple (instructions are a page) to learn. Quick games and works well 2 player which is always a plus.

As an aside, to all up and coming game developers, I expect this year's big craze will be dice based games. It is already starting (Kingsburg and Alien Frontiers are enjoying a resurgence in popularity as far as I have seen) and I expect it will only increase. I will know for sure when I go to Origins though.
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