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I got Armored Core 5 and WWE13 the other day. AC5 because I fucking love Mechs and giant Firearms, WWE13 caus I love to build a little Me with stuff I actually might be wearing, featuring a moveset I MIGHT be able to pull off with some training. I mean, I´m 1,75 and kinda chubby, I´m not gonna pull Lucha-stuff on anyone but I AM able to punch someone in the face...I think, the only unrealistic thing I give my little Ox-Wrestler is a chockeslam-finisher, just becaus I think it´s a cool move :D

So you got a tiny, slightly chubby dude in a jeans, a green hoodie with a hockeymask swatting more or less helplessly at people like Triple H or the Rock. Though I hardly recognize any of these Wrestlers, I stopped watching in the late 90s more or less.
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