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Explanation to get you all up to speed. I'm working on an internet serial tv show with a bunch of people that's hit a bit of a rough patch during filming. At the last meeting, to help break the tension, we were supposed to suggest new intellectual properties. Someone mentioned "Ben Rawle: Paranormal Investigator"

Well, THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH. The slightest thing influences my dreams, and as such I just dreamed(?) I was a paranormal investigator during a reallllly slow season of spooky stuff, so I had to take up babysitting on the side. When I DID get a call, for like an exorcism or something, I'd try to squeeze more money out of it by having them tag along and be all "Now Christy, you get to hold the big wooden cross to help push the demon away!"

Just be honest with me here. Have I gone insane?

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