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.. sounds like a fucking douche who takes things out of context.
maybe you missed it so here's a repeat of another douchbag

SEN. ARLEN SPECTER (R-PA) said it “set us back 900 years."then voted for it. !!? wow!

bye bye habeas corpus, oh, but the CATO institute says U.S. citizens will probably still have the rights of habeas corpus.. hmm,
do we trust the cato institute? the fuzzy statements of the mca will have to be worked out in the courts. then again if one is detained under this law, no one needs to be notified, so how long will the missing persons report take to find out that so and so is being held in a secret location for donating money online to the wrong group(or whatever reason they have to wrap someone up)? the full effect of the mca supposedly only applies to 'aliens' so what part of the patriot act one or two strips citizenship? anyone read the whole thing?
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