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Gamenight later on, I guess we´ll start with good old Roadkill Rallye, I love that game, it´s so...shameless for a boardgame. "Go, kill little children with your car-mounted flamethrower, it´s worth points! Oh and here, use candy, that´ll give you an additional kill-dice!".

And I´m thankfully not making that up

We also might try Merchants and Marauders again, gorgeous game if you have any love for Sid Meyer´s Pirates in your heart

Well, in the end it was half a game of Kingsburg that we stopped after year 3 (just took too long with two of the guys having to walk their dog multiple times, poor thing´s sick) and a quite extensive round of Bang! that I won because the Sheriff didn´t pay attention to my huge grin every time I told him I was the Deputy. Not my fault for not calling my kindergarden-style bluffing Interestingly the REAL Deputy didn´t really try to convince his buddy that if HE was the deputy, I must be the Renegade...but who cares, I filled 3 people with holes and took the win. Yay me.

And since a month without new boardgames is a month without new boardgames, I ordered Lords of Waterdeep the other day. Looked like a nice entry-level title

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