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Ah well, too late and I wouldn´t have listened anyway I actually ordered all three Sirlin games btw, so I got Puzzle Strike, the complete Edition of Yomi and Flash Duel

The package got stuck in customs of course and I had to pay an additional 30 bucks for taxes since there was no invoice attached to the package...ah well, who cares, 240 bucks or 270 bucks, it´s way too much one way or the other.

Oh and they actually included the Upgrade Kit for Puzzle Strike. Screens, Promos, Playing Mats, it´s all there except for the additional 10 Characters from the addon but I don´t really mind, to me, the main game is Yomi anyway. Flash Duel is nice too though, even though it´s basically a carbon copy of En Guarde with some nice additions but Sirlin says so explicitly too so who cares.

I really like the way, Sirlin designs his games and the thought that goes into them making them extremely simple but challenging at the same time
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