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Man, I have been shilling out a lot of cash to Fantasy Flight here recently.

I picked up Mansions of Madness about a year ago but only recently got to really play it. Damn that game is fun. As the keeper (read game master) you just get to murder the investigators, especially if they all split up and do their own thing, its almost unfair. Its basically Arkham Horror just done up a different way to be a bit more RPG like and someone gets to be the monsters.

On top of that I also recently picked up Rex and the new 2nd edition Descent.

Descent is basically Mansions but D&D style in place of Cathulu and has more focus on combat and killing monsters than progressing a story. Its supposed to also have campaign rules and character progression. Havent actually played it yet because we have been to busy with Rex and its political backstabbing.
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