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Holy CRAP! That suit Gene Hackman puts on with the cylinder helmet! I remember that. It was used in a Superman toy commercial for the Lex Luthor figure. I saw that as a kid, maybe when I was 5 and I had seen all the Superman movies a dozen times already and I knew that no one wore anything like that outfit. Wow. I haven't thought about that in decades. Damn well done, Pickleman!
You mentioned it in the article, but how can you have a list of the best... most interesting moments of Superman 4 and not include the scene where he spins Lenny in the air? It's all kinds of gay simply because, I think Lenny calls him something like a "Lame-o Fruit" and as soon as he gets spun up in the air, Nuclear Man, with Gene Hackman's voice, repeats the insults "I'm a Lame-o? I'm a fruit?"
Come to think of it, you could have a field day going back to other dramatic Gene Hackman roles and dubbing in the "I'm a fruit?" line. Mississippi Burning, for example.
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