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Originally Posted by D-MoN View Post
Could be worse though. Could be the subtle homoerotic overtones of men in denial that we call Death Metal. Death metal sucks on a good day but when you realize it's just a cheap man's way out of the closet instead of just kicking the damn thing open and screaming waht you want we tress it up as lame ass corpse paint. So yeah, London Calling is awesome because it's about a genuine expression of anger and not rage because you're so repressed that your idiot fans can't get the hint from makeup and black leather straps.
Wow, you really are a dick with a superiority complex and possibly a bad case of hemorrhoids. I'm not going to point out your shitty grammar or spelling because that would just be rude, no I'm going to point out some glaring errors you've made during your, quite clearly, "in depth" observations of metal culture.

First error: Bondage Gear and Corpsepaint is a signature of Black Metal, not Death, and was first introduced to separate the movement from other types of metal out at the time.

Second Error: 'London Calling' is a genuine expression of anger yet no metal is? Is that your argument? Do I really need to go any more in depth than that? No.

Maybe you'll soon be the one bursting out of the closet in a shower of semen and gay porn when you finally realise you've repressed your real feelings, Mister Homophobic shithead.
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