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My old Art teacher let me put London Calling into the CD Player of his art room, and he was worried that it would have swearing. He mostly listens to Classical music on the ABC Classical Radio channel. You could forgive him for not being that aware of Punk.

But I put it on, and he compared it to the Beatles. I believe he missed the point, since the opening track states "phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust".

I sat at a desk, and listened to this album for the very first time. It was very different from the "The Clash: The Singles" CD I was given for my birthday one year that made me a fan of their music.

But what I noticed about it was, it wasn't really angry music in a yelling way. One of my favorite albums was the Sex Pistols's "Never Mind the Bollocks", and knowing what the other side of Punk was, I was able to see how The Clash used Punk in their own way, distanced from Anarchy, but still political.

You know, there are some times in your life, that when you hear so much about an album being good, and you finally listen to it with your own ears, that you remember forever. I guess it was the experience of putting it in a CD player before my iPod that really gives you the feel of an album that you rarely get these days, since iPods and stuff like that have made music portable, yet there are sometimes when an album was not meant to have headphones for speakers. It needs to be played to the open air.

Funnily enough, this girl I know came in for an article she needed for research, and she heard the music, identified it, and told me she had it on vinyl. And they say there's no hope for the future, even with kids like us around who listen to good stuff from a past era.
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