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This reminds me a lot of a musical I had the misfortune of performing in during my high school years. I absolutely HATE musicals; it causes a total loss of "suspension of disbelief." It's like a scenario in which somebody's mom dies so he spontaneously bursts into a synchronized song and dance routine with 20 random strangers he's never before met in his life. It's simply far too phony and I can't deal with it. Anyhow, I was horrified to discover that the main production of my senior year was a musical called "Homeroom" after I was cast and handed a script. Skimming through the dialoge revealed a tome of inane drivel and whining. "Wahh, I have too much homework." "Wahhh my parents don't understand me." "Waaahhhh girls don't like me." "Waaaah my parents might be getting a divorce." Consequently, I reinvented my character as the "you think YOU have problems?" tough guy who spent a lot of time rolling eyes in disgust, and for my obligatory musical numbers, I went for a "Mackie Messer" vocal style to further emphasize my disdain over this production....and it startled me that people flagged me down for quite a while asking for autographs...and I wasn't even "acting."
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