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One year, I went to my state fair (which in Maryland is pretty big), and was standing there watching the ride called the Zipper.

It was the general amusement of it at first, but then there was one scream, then another. Then some from the ground. Apparently during the ride, some kid on the ride had puked up absolutely everything he had in him while the ride was going on. First, the girl next to him screamed (Initially, I thought it would be funnier to say she might be his girlfriend, but then I realized it would be the most mortifying if it was his sister. I'm going to assume it was his sister). Next, a girl in another ride cage screamed. Apparently, his puked so much that it was flung out of his cage and into hers. After that, it apparently either dripped in front of someone or hit someone on the ground close to the ride, because that's when that screaming started.

By the way, after riding this ride, Chojin refused to go on any more fun rides for the rest of the day. Either this ride is really super scary, or he's a but of a wimp when talking about amusement park rides. I think this was a few years afterwards, so he didn't get to see the full glory of the puke story.
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