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Sorry guys, I've been on AIM too much lately, so I'm a little out of touch with posting everything I need to say in a single message.

Anyway, some things to bring up if you want to spice up the discussion:

1. Ask her if she saved my sexual fantasy so that you can read it.
2. Tell her that you and her ain't nothing but mammals and you want to do it like they do on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL!!!
3. Post the lyrics to Splash Waterfalls immediately afterward.
4. Ask for a copy of the CD from her friend Cortney.
5. Tell her to stop staring at you.
6. Tell her that your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever is going to beat her up.
7. Tell her to wear that sexy skirt and pink top on Monday.
8. Tell her that I miss the sound of her voice .
9. Get her to join I-Mockery and duke it out in the Mock Wars.
10. Link to this thread, so that she knows I'm responsible for all of this.

Oh yeah... and Marissa, inevitably you're eventually going to see this, so yeah, it's Jack. But seriously, will you tell these guys I'm not fat anymore? I mean, damn. Give me some credit where it is due. I may suck with women, but at least I'm not a fat ass.
I have seen all things that are done under the sun; all is vanity and a chase after wind.
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