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You need to read the entire chapter because uh the two trees are supposed to represent the aspects of being a god. One is the TREE OF LIFE which would give them immortality the other is the tree of good and evil and when god finds out about it he says, "Behold, they have become like us, to know good and evil and now I must remove them from the garden lest they eat of the tree of life and become immortal"
k that was like the first thing i said in this thread. that's like verse 22 or something.

they didn't die there's no where in the bible that says they died and it says that and you haven't quoted any verses I'm sorry you're making things up. They were supposed to die even if they touched it. And how can you die spiritually, what does that even mean? Please tell me what it means to die in spirit. Are you saying none of us have spirit because we can tell the difference between Good and Evil?