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Originally Posted by Guitar Woman View Post
An ignore thread feature, which I give credit to milhouse for thinking of.
Is that another one of your mental problems where you are physically unable to click on a thread you don't like? I seem to have no problem doing it with your threads.

And I think Milhouse was joking when and if he said that because it's the stupidest fucking idea I've ever heard.

As a serious suggestion, I suggest putting an actual Under 18 block on all Loveline threads and that disgusting porn thread that is in Mock Wars. Kids are naturally stupid and will go anywhere for acceptance and shouldn't be corrupted anymore by the workings of a robotic porn spammer, a 40+ year old codger and his online mistress, and an a guy with a wandering eye for every gross porn site on the web. It's bad enough they are wasting their best years on the internet. Why should we be responsible for turning them into sexual deviants that think this board needs a THREAD IGNORE FEATURE, UGH!

I hate kids, but not that much.

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