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Originally Posted by elx View Post
speaking of sex since we're talking about sex, does anybody know anybody that has ever had a fuck buddy? is that an actual practice or one of those fictional unattainable ideas?
uh the girl i lost my virginity to was basically a fuck buddy. after getting to know her and her craziness, i didn't want to date her. but i also didn't want to stop having sex. she wasn't interested in dating either, so we just hung out a lot and had sex. It was unfulfilling and weird, but i figured it would be good experience for when i eventually meet someone i like/care about. also, it was sex and even bad sex is ok. She eventually got emotionally attached and i cut contact with her. if this sounds callous, consider this: she once convinced me for three days that i got her pregnant and that she was going to keep the baby. on the third day she told me she was only testing me. after that i decided not to talk to her anymore

i don't really enjoy sex unless it's with someone i have an emotional attachment to. so maybe i am that demisexual thing

but i haven't had sex in a really long time. i'm basically convinced that i am not what girls my age are looking for. i would probably be better off devoting my energies to studying and getting in shape. but working out just makes me more sexually frustrated. i sincerely wish that i could take medication to get rid of my libido. so much this libido interferes with my life
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