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Originally Posted by Phoenix Gamma View Post
I'm paid about 4 times what I charged for when I was freelancing on the side.

Don't get me wrong; it's a super fun job. It's just that a lot of these high profile CEOs are real weird. They want to make their meetings and presentations "fun", but I think someone had to explain "fun" to them, and we end up with some story about how customer service = rock climbing
Oh man, I used to hate that shit. One owner used to say "We give them raises and they forget a month later and everyone is miserable again, we need to make the environment fun!" He then gave us managers a book called Fish.

What a fucking piece of shit waste of time. I know he must have been excited when at some moral booster seminar and probably paid out the ass for the classes and 5 books. The problem was

#1 We did internet tech support and everyone calling us hates us.
#2 The pay was great, checks were no good though until 2 weeks after you were paid.
#3 He hired a ton of retards that have never used a computer to do tech support 300 miles away from the real techs and those guys would never take our advise or bother to learn anything.
#4 What's the point anymore, let's just have fun.
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