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Old Mar 21st, 2003, 12:10 AM        The head of the San Francisco anti-war protests....
This guy, Ying Sun or whatever he his name was, was on a local show here in St. Louis. He gave his reasons for screwing with average peoples' days (and of course, when asked a hard question, he stuttered and avoided it, sorta like the prez does on certain questions, but I digress...) and he was asked about the troops. After many times to dig himself out of the hole he shoveled, the guy finally came out and admitted that he cares more for Iraqi civilians than US soliders, who are in essence citizens of the United States of America.

For all the people that support the anti-war movement: This is one of your self-proclaimed "leaders." I hope the rest of you have sound arguments and are not just brainwashed pawns of old commie professors.
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