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Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your beers and listen!

I'm a pretty easy guy to find a gift for. I have an insatiable want for graphic novels and collected editions of comics - THE WEIRDER AND MORE OFFBEAT THE BETTER! I scored a great copy of 'The Last Christmas' in the 2011 I-Mockery Secret Santa, so let's keep the trend going! I'm also an avid Transformers collector, so anything new or used (but complete and in good shape) will always work. Believe it or not, I also am a proud Scotsman, so anything from Scotland will always bring great joy - authentic Scottish music, historical novels, Highlander memorabilia (yep, the movie) - just use your imagination! Finally, I like Legos - the little minifigure blind packs are great and pretty cheap, as are any of the recent Monster Fighters or Star Wars sets. BAM!

And to make it even easier, here's my Amazon Wish List:

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