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Originally Posted by Chojin View Post
don't you get court marshaled or something in germany if you play wolfenstein
Nah, you´re not allowed to sell or buy the game but I think there´s no law against possessing it. Even if there was, what do I care.

Funny thing is, the guy that sold it to me had it sitting on his shelf right in the open, he can still get in serious trouble for that :D

And there isn´t even a censored german version of the game, cause as the legend goes, they made one, but somehow one or two swastikas slipped through QA or maybe even the USK (our Pegi/ESRB) and there it was, the half-censored version and it had to be pulled from all shops and they never bothered to make another attempt at it.

There´s a lot of games that share Wolfenstein´s status. Condemned 2 and The Darkness too I think. Fuck, DOOM was just taken off our index last year, go figure

Same old story. Tits yay, Violence nay.

Anyway, I took a brief break from the awesome Amalur to play through The Darkness 2 (which again has been censored for our beautiful Lollypopcountry so now there´s no dismemberments, no ragdoll and again the Darkness eats souls insteas of hearts. But of course, no one in their right mind would buy that, so we all get the austrian version) which is supposed to be extremely short, about 4-5 hours.
On one hand, it´s a shame, on the other the gameplay is not diverse enough for much more, same as with any shooter really. But the time you do spend with the game is a lot of fun, using the different Darkness-abilities and stuff like that. Oh and Jackie has apparently learned how to reload a gun, so we have that
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