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Hey Hot Cakes,

I'm a new member of this site cause a friend of mine on here told me to join up. I've been a member of Something Awful, Stile Project, and a bunch of other forums since the late 90's when we had to dial up on a phone line so all we had to look forward to was forums cause they loaded so fast compared to the 15 minute download times for a 15 second hentai clip (dark days I tell ya).

Anyways, the reason I bring up the other forums and the old school days is that people on there were pretty awful (no pun intended). If you posted anything like this on any of those forums, not only would you be banned but you would probably be in a list of incredibly annoying posters who contribute little more than complaints and angsty rage over nothing.

You counted the other members posts? THEY BROKE THE LIMIT?! AND WERE NOT PUNISHED!?! OH GEE GOLLY JEEPERS (a cookie to whoever gets that reference) THIS IS UNFAIR!!!!

I have learned one thing for every single forum I was a member of, none of them are fair and that is what makes them so much damn fun. Seeing one person posting bowel movement stories and not being frowned upon because that is one of their trademarks is an amazingly fun experience and makes these places a good time for those who DO NOT TAKE IT SO SERIOUS!!!!!

I used to take the trollin so serious it would anger me IRL and I realized I wasn't seeing the forest from the trees. These places are meant for people to relax, join a community (on this site it seems to be thankfully tight knit) and talk to people about things you would never talk about in the real world.

You are in the FAQ. That is freakin awesome. You need to be like that Simpsons episode where Kent Brockman is like "Take two tickets and see the game! *Warning tickets are not to be taken orally*" and Homer with FULL PRIDE goes "SEE!? Because of ME they now need a warning!"

I hope ya stick around, drama is fun - have fun.
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